About the Holiday Weeks

Music Workshop Holidays in Andalucia, Spain

A wonderful opportunity for an intimate gathering with the purpose of sharing and learning with a team of delightful and generous teachers.

You can:

  • Have the holiday of a lifetime,
  • Learn to play or increase your knowledge on a variety of instruments,
  • Sing in a variety of traditional styles, independently or in groups,
  • Work with some of the world’s finest traditional musicians,
  • Make new friends,
  • Enjoy a wealth of great experiences,
  • Eat great food, swim, walk, play games, and become more relaxed and healthy than you ever thought was possible in connection with playing music!


Depending upon the week, scheduled classes will include guitar, banjo, fiddle, ukulele, individual singing, and group singing.

Less formal activities include picking and singing sessions, which happen at any time of day or night, and our now famous showcase performance opportunity, for which students spend time learning to play with each other, and prepare short creative pieces of entertainment.

The residential weeks are held in a beautiful and remote part of mountainous south-eastern Spain, an hour’s drive north of Almeria. For Old-Time Music Week, the site is self-contained.  For Old Blues Week, participants live in luxurious en suite rooms at Casona Granado and have classes and meals in El Fonte throughout the day and evening.  All meals are provided, and rooms are shared with one to three other people. Private double rooms are available. Non-playing spouses, friends and family members are welcome, but we must charge the same fee to everyone (For those wishing to camp, tents and all bedding are provided by us, and grounds are as near or far from the house as you like.)

There is plenty to do in the area and nearby, including sightseeing in the national park, visits to beaches, rock climbing, hill walking, and visits to Granada or other places of cultural interest (although we have found in the past that no one particularly wants to go anywhere else once they have arrived!) Room, full board, tuition and use of all facilities, including a 20-meter swimming pool, are included in the price. Participants must provide their own transportation, and we can help and advise with that, and can arrange transport from Almeria airport, which can normally be shared with other participants.

The week is about learning together, and also very much about having fun together. It is a very relaxed situation, and everyone is supported in doing whatever they feel they want to do (apart from being forced to be in the showcase!)

The project is a labour of love. It’s non-profit. Therefore, we can organise an amazing learning holiday at a remarkably low cost, and all proceeds go to supporting our wonderful visiting teachers, and covering the costs of looking after our participants. A deposit of £100 will secure a place on the course.

Costs and Travel Information for Music Weeks

The price of Old-Time Music weeks for 2018 is £650, and for those housed at Casona Granado the price is £750.  Prices include accommodation, food, tuition, and all La Fuente facilities. Accommodation is in bedrooms shared by two to four people. Those booking as couples will have their own double or twin rooms.

For Old-Time Week, you have the option of staying in a tent, at a lower weekly rate. This is a popular choice among some of our participants, as it allows people to have greater privacy, perhaps to enjoy a favourite spot, and be closer to their natural surroundings. It’s easy, because we provide a spacious tent, complete with bed and bedding. You need only bring a torch. The cost for those staying in tents for the week is £600.

Children are very welcome, at half price for those under the age of 14. Partners or friends who do not choose to participate in classes are also welcome. However, we must charge them the same weekly fee as for those in classes.

You will be responsible for your travel costs, including airport transfers.
For your convenience, transfers are normally arranged by La Fuente, although if you prefer to, you can arrange your own. We group travellers together in our taxis whenever possible, to save money. As a guide, currently a one-way transfer from Almeria, per car with any number of people, is E80. From Murcia the cost is E130.

You may also hire a car, and you will likely find some very reasonable car hire prices, which may cost you less than transfers would cost. There is plenty of parking space at La Fuente.

For anyone arriving before Saturday or departing after the following Saturday, we ask for a Bed and Breakfast tariff of E20 per day, and additional meals are E10.


It is recommended that you bring your own instruments for your main classes. We have several camp instruments which can be borrowed and shared by those who need them, or who want to try something new. These include guitars, banjos, acoustic bass, violin, and ukulele.

Generally, larger instruments such as guitars and banjos will fare well in an airplane hold, provided they are secure in a hard and well-fitted case such as a Carlton. Loosen your string before packing the instrument. Insist upon putting the checked instrument through the specialist conveyor provided by all airlines for outsized or fragile luggage, or, for extra security, tell check-in staff that you must carry the instrument to the hold of the airplane yourself, and that you must carry it off at the other end. You will normally be allowed to do this, although you must remind them at your destination that you are taking your instrument away at the hold.

Small instruments like fiddles, mandolins and ukuleles can normally be carried on board, although you may need to be assertive about this if the instrument case exceeds the length of standard carry-on bags. At worst, you will have to pay for a hold ticket, and then carry the instrument on. Some people put their smaller instruments in their checked suitcase, wrapped in clothing!  Another option is to do the same, with your instrument carried on, without a case, in your hand bag.

If you have further questions about traveling with your instruments, we suggest you contact us by email for specific advice.