Use and Operation of Steering Lamp, Use of Steering Lamp
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Many novices don't pay much attention to the use of steering lights when they learn to drive. In fact, the use of automobile lights has a direct relationship with driving safety. Correct use of automobile lights can not only protect their own safety, but also create a well-ordered traffic environment. Following the fog lamp and double flash, we talked about the car steering lights and how to use them.

Use of steering lights: a brief introduction
Turning lights are warning lights for vehicles and pedestrians to avoid when turning around. When turning on the turning lights, the lights will flicker repeatedly, so as to attract the attention of people around, so as to avoid traffic accidents. Car owners must cultivate the habit of playing turning lights when driving on the road, not driving blindly.
Use and operation of turning lights: Under what circumstances do you need to turn on the turning lights?
The steering light is the most commonly used light, which can clearly indicate the direction of the vehicles around you. However, in the process of driving, I found that many car owners do not use turning lights very much, and even some car owners do not know what circumstances to use turning lights, which brings great potential safety hazards to driving. Therefore, it is very necessary to find out the scope of use of steering lights. Specifically, there are the following situations:
Warm Tip: The main purpose of turning lights is to inform the rear vehicles that they have to turn, and pay attention to avoidance. Therefore, when preparing for the turn, the driver should light up 10-20 seconds earlier, leaving enough time for the driver behind to respond.
Turning light switch is usually installed on the left side of the steering wheel. Its operation method can be summed up as four words: top "right" and bottom "left". Turning light up (clockwise) means turning right and down (counterclockwise) means turning left. However, with the development of automobiles, now many automobiles have added the function of "one touch, three flashes" on the double-flash switch. As long as the driver gently "clicks" the lever, the steering light will flash three times and then automatically extinguish. In this way, the owner can avoid the trouble of extinguishing the steering lights when he overtakes.

The above is for you to introduce how to use and operate the turning light? The introduction of the use and operation of the steering light is expected to be helpful to all of you.