Maintenance Skills of Air Conditioning for Automobile Tires and Batteries
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Vehicle tires are "old", even if a brand new tire is stored for more than four years, it will age, because the main material of tires is rubber, and the characteristics of rubber is that it will age if used for a long time or placed. If the use of aging tires is light, it will affect the performance of the vehicle, and if the use of aging tires is serious, tire burst accident will endanger. Life.
_Identifying the production date of a tire is simple. A series of four-digit numbers can be found near the hub of the tire. The first two represent the production week, and the second two represent the production year. If the owner wants to change the tire, he must see the production date clearly when he chooses it.
In addition, owners should not blindly upgrade tires, otherwise it will cause potential safety hazards. After determining the tire specifications, the same pattern of tires should be selected to ensure the safe use of the upgraded vehicle. If the wear degree, structure and specifications of tires are different, not only the service life of tires will be affected, but also the braking resistance of automobiles will be inconsistent. When automobiles need to brake at high speed, the different resistance of tires will cause uneven force on four wheels, which will easily lead to traffic accidents caused by vehicle out of control.
It should be noted that when upgrading a tire, it is better to replace four tires at the same time. If you can't replace them at the same time, at least keep the left and right tires aligned, so that you can avoid side slip caused by different friction between the left and right tires when braking.
_In the maintenance of automobiles, the maintenance of batteries is also very important. If bad usage habits are formed, the service life of batteries will be shortened or damaged. Batteries generally have a life of 2 to 3 years. If users install some electrical appliances that they did not have before, such as subwoofers, it will lead to excessive use of batteries.
Nowadays, more and more electric equipments are used in automobiles. Therefore, when using these electric equipments, owners should try not to overload their batteries. Take the electric window and skylight for example, the owner should finish its lifting and closing before the engine goes out, because if the engine goes out, it will stop generating electricity. At this time, lifting the window will increase the load of the battery, which is easy to cause damage to the battery.
The same is true for car lights. If there is no special need to turn off the headlights, the headlights should be turned off first, then the headlights should be turned off. When starting the car at night, the headlights should be turned on first and then on, so as to minimize the damage to the battery. If the battery works when the engine stops working, we must prevent the battery from losing power, because if the battery is damaged easily, if the loss of power is serious, the battery will be discarded in advance.
Air conditioner
The evaporator and fan of automobile air conditioning are in a closed and dark state for a long time, and the internal environment is high temperature and humid. After the impurities, dust, bacteria and viruses in the air enter the air conditioner, they stick to the condensate water and clog the evaporator and other parts. Over the years, a large number of dirt, nicotine, fungi and fungi adhere to it. Moulds and fungi will multiply quickly and produce decaying odors of organisms. These odors will be mixed in the air conditioner with the opening of the air conditioner, polluting the interior of the whole carriage, often making drivers and passengers uncomfortable.
Before using air conditioning, it is suggested that the owner clean the air conditioning pipeline and evaporation box. There are three ways to clean the air conditioning in the automobile service market at present:
_A washing method is disassembly and washing, which is troublesome, time-consuming and laborious, and easy to cause air conditioning damage in the process of disassembly and washing.
The second method is steam cleaning, which was popular in the past two years. However, because steam cleaning air conditioning can easily lead to the damage of the circuit board on the car, there are fewer and fewer automobile air conditioning cleaning by steam now.
The third method is to clean with air conditioning cleaning fluid. Because of its unique chemical composition, the cleaning liquid has strong decontamination ability in the automobile air conditioning system, keeps the inner walls of evaporator and condenser clean and inhibits fouling formation, thus effectively improving the heat exchange efficiency of evaporator and condenser and the fluidity of refrigerant, so as to rapidly reduce the outlet temperature. The effect of air conditioning is better.